Back training!

We are back training & a very successful EFAW course was run on Saturday.
We did not do any training during the height of the pandemic, as we do not believe that on-line training really meets the aim for teaching 1st aid.
Courses are run with effective barriers on the manikins & plenty of other covid friendly considerations.
We are looking forward to running more courses soon!

New Ambulance Standards

New ambulance standards for dispatch of an ambulance are being introduced. This should mean that the RIGHT asset is dispatched to the casualty. When calling the emergency service, you will now be asked…

Is the patient breathing?
Is the patient conscious?
Tell me what’s happened.

For life-threatening issues the ambulance will be dispatched immediately, but for other issues the controller will now have 4 minutes (previously 1 min) to decide what the best response will be… So, for example, next time a call is made for a patient who has had a stroke, an ambulance will be dispatched instead of a paramedic on a bike!

See the attached, which has some short video clips to see the new procedures:


Are you off on holiday soon? Hopefully this information will not be needed! – but don’t forget that 112 is recognized & used to contact the emergency services in around 100 countries worldwide – Including all members of the EU (who sponsored the project).
To check the full list, or to find out more, see:

What’s in an AED cabinet?

Did you know?? That some AED cabinets can contain VERY useful BLS (Basic Life Support) tools…. Like…
Tough cut scissors, Razors, Face shields & Gloves… & non essential, but useful wipes too…
1st Aid Responders also uses the IPAD AED as our preferred training device