Moira completed a 1 day General Public course on the 20th February 2017

My friend & I  both felt we, now being grandmothers, ought to learn basic first aid.
I booked us on a one day course. The course was very informative and interesting.  I felt confident at the end of it.
Approximately  three weeks later I had an odd phone call from an elderly friend saying she felt ill. I dashed up the road to find her having obvious heart problems. My training kicked in! I pulled her legs up but she couldn't keep them up so I put pillows under her legs. Rang the emergency services giving them as much information as possible, such as what she had eaten  that morning. Described her breathing & the fact she was clammy. Once the paramedic (He was actually off duty but had heard a call & was local) arrived. I said I'd  not given aspirin because I left my handbag at home. He said he also didn't have any so I ran back to my house to fetch the aspirin. By this time another paramedic & ambulance  had arrived.  We gave her the aspirin (had to encourage her to chew it - to get it into blood stream  quicker).

The paramedics told me I had done everything correctly. Obviously  shock took over after the event, but I can say two things. 1) It was the best £70 I have ever spent and 2) I NEVER go anywhere without aspirin.
My friend is now home recovering after having three stents fitted.

My sincere thanks go to Russ for having given such a precise and useful course (I didn't expect to be putting it all into practice so soon!)

Karin completed a 1 day Emergency First Aid at Work course on the 14th August 2017

This was my first experience of first aid training, and it surpassed all my expectations.  The day gave us a good balance of theory, useful for understanding what we were doing and why, and hands-on practice to build competence and confidence.  We were also given an overview of relevant legislation, and a chance to think through ethical as well as legal issues to do with emergency and less urgent first aid. I came away feeling informed and equipped to deal with the kinds of scenarios we had practiced.

Best regards